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Cormac + Megan part 1

In August we had the pleasure of photographing Megan and Cormac’s beautiful West End wedding.  They were married at Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church and then the entire wedding walked through tree lined streets to the Vancouver Rowing club in Coal Harbour.  It was a really gorgeous fun day.

Please enjoy the photos:

-M+ E


Laura + Bryan’s Wedding – part 2

Here is the second half of our post for Laura and Bryan’s wedding.

– E + M

Family Car Rally

Part of the family reunion was a car rally that Mitch’s uncle, Don, organized.  It was a really great day; we saw the church Mitch’s great grandparent’s were married in, the church that his grandparent’s were married in, the home where the eight Stookey siblings grew up together, the farm that the Stookey kids worked at, some family grave sites, and much more.  I had a fantastic time seeing the country side, small towns, and hearing all of the fantastic stories!  Here are just a couple photos from that day.

– M + E

Mid West Storms

During our time in Illinois we were lucky to see some amazing lightning and thunder storms!  Vancouver very rarely gets storms like this and it was fun and exciting to grab our cameras and go grab some shots.


– M + E

On the Road

For our first day driving down to St. Louis, we left Saskatoon at 5:00 am.  We crossed the border at Fortuna, North Dakota and there was only 1 other car there at the time, so no need for Nexus passes there.  We stopped for lunch in Williston where it is practically California Gold Rush with all the oil, and there were tons of new “homes” sprawling out in every direction.  We talked to a few guys in town who said some of the workers are “hot bunking”, where they share a bed with another person who has an opposite 12 hour shift, so while 1 guy is working, the other is sleeping in the bed.  The town looked as though it was bursting at the seams with how many people were there.  Finally, we checked into our hotel in Hill City, South Dakota 15 hours later and we finished off the night with a visit to Mount Rushmore.


M + E

Yaremko Family

Luckily for us, my sister and her beautiful family were in town while we were in Saskatoon.  We snapped some shots of them hanging around Pura Vida farm.

– M + E


We have been busy exploring the island of Kauai and have some new photos from our escapades!  We have been enjoying the different beaches, went on several hikes to lookouts and waterfalls, visited many tasty restaurants, and of course maintained our strict regiment of rest and relaxation.  Enjoy!

– M + E

Snorkelling Tour

Mitch and I went on a sightseeing and snorkelling tour with North Shore Charters  on Sunday.  We had a fantastic time!  The views were breathtaking, the snorkelling was fun, and bouncing through the waves as we sped along the coast was exhilarating.  Here are some shots we snapped on our trip, we hope you like them.

– E +M

Baby Ben

Last weekend, we went to Saskatoon to visit Mitch’s family.  Mitch’s sister Sarah, her husband Brent and their two gorgeous children were also visiting.  It was our first time meeting Baby Ben who was just born a month ago, and so we were really excited to take photos of the little guy.  Here they are!

– M + E


On Tuesday night, the Vancouver Canucks won the Western Conference Final and advanced to the Stanley Cup finals!  We hit the streets as soon as the game was over and so did 20,000 other fans.  Here are a few of the shots from the celebration!

– M + E